Workshop Caroline UltraOmni / Classic Performance / OldWay Vogue

Workshop/class Voguing/Waacking

Parisian Mother of the Iconic Pioneering House of Ultra Omni, Caroline will be hosting a workshop on Oldway Vogue / Classic Vogue Performance.

“This workshop will cover the technical basics and principles of Classic Vogue Performance in a way that can be used and personalised in improvisation. Vogue at its essence is about individuality and creativity. Caroline will be giving fundamentals so that one can develop their own style with it, whether that is more feminine, masculine or gender neutral. Bring your attitude, style and pride. Bring Yourself”

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- Caroline UltraOmni -
“Caroline entered the Iconic House of Ultra Omni in 2012. At the time she was visiting New York City, dancing different styles including Breaking, Rocking, and House; going out to parties at the clubs and in parks. It was there that she first witnessed dancers Vogue, pose, \’get their life,\’ and saw it as a revelation. From this, she went on to learn about Ballroom Culture and its history through Marina UltraOmni and Muhammad, then Kevin UlraOmni and learned from Ballroom Icons each time she would visit NY.

“Vogue performance is an empowering experience. To perform in the Ballroom Scene is to affirm one’s own identity, agency, self expression, to own one’s body and to openly express self love.

- The House of Ultra Omni -
The Iconic House of Ultra Omni was founded in 1979 by Kevin Ultra Omni in NYC. The house is a family-oriented organisation, grounded in ideals and guidelines set by the founding father. Kevin Omni is a true Pioneer, Icon and deemed Hall of Famer; he received his Life Time Achiever Awards in 1996. The Eurasian chapter was founded in 2012 by Aus and Muhammad and since then has been led by European mother Marina UltraOmni and Russian father Serge UltraOmni.

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Paris - France

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